Shipping Information

*Please Note - If you are located outside the Continental US, please email or call to get a shipping quote before you make a purchase. We can then let you know if we are able to ship the products you are interested in and the cost of shipping.

Call: 740.398.1124


Naturally sells drop-shipped products. When a product is ordered, it is shipped from our supplier's warehouse. This means we need to use the shipping method for that particular supplier. We have different suppliers, meaning different shipping times and costs. You will find shipping information on each of our product pages for that particular product. Please pay attention to that information. We have chosen to set up Naturally Good.Net this way so that we are able to offer you a lower price on our products. This is possible because we don't have all the expenses of having a warehouse to store the products.


On each product page, you will find the estimated shipping time for that particular product. Many of our products only take a few days to a week to ship, but occasionally it does take longer and that's why we supply you with the longest possible shipping time. There are some products that we carry that have a shipping time of up to 5-6 weeks. These products are made when ordered and also in the order they are received. So please allow for the longest possible shipping time. Should you order products from separate suppliers, you will receive the products on separate days. Most of our suppliers supply a tracking number when the order ships out, which we will send to the email address you supplied at checkout.


Again, because we use different suppliers, shipping cost varies from product to product. We have set up our shopping cart so that you may see the total shipping cost BEFORE you are required to input your credit card information. We use the furthest shipping zone for our calculations. This may make the shipping seem high, but we also take the shipping cost into consideration when figuring the price of the product. In most cases you will find that our product price plus shipping is still lower than most of the other natural and organic stores on the internet.