Natural, Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Floor and Carpet Cleaners

Our home is a place that should make us feel safe and secure. However, there are so many products we use in our homes that are full of toxins that are harmful for us and the environment! Why take the chance with those toxins when we can replace these harmful products with natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly products that do just as well or even better?

The Biokleen cleaning products that we carry are tough on dirt, and gentle on the earth. Biokleen products are concentrated to conserve waste, energy and water. Concentrated products lower your price per use and save you money, while leaving the smallest footprint on the environment. All Biokleen products are free of phosphate, chlorine, ammonia, petroleum solvents, alcohol, butyl, glycol ether, metasilicate, brighteners, SLS or SLES, EDTA, DEA. Biokleen does not test on animals or use animal ingredients in their products.