100% Natural Wool Filled Mattress Pad - 3/4 Inch Thick

100% organic wool filled mattress pad

This 100% natural wool filled mattress pad is made from untreated, 100% natural wool which is woven into water resistant fabric. The pad naturally resists liquids to protect your mattress! NO polyurethane or other synthetic backing is put on our wool. The sheep this wool comes from are free range sheep and are not treated with antibiotics or hormones. No pesticides or chemicals of any kind are used on the range for the sheep. The growers adhere to sustainability and cruelty free standards. This 100% organic wool has been processed without the use of synthetic or artificial chemicals or fibers. You can read more about our 100% organic EcoWool using the "latex & wool info" link at the bottom of the page. Wool is naturally fire resistant so no fire retardant chemicals are used or needed with these pads.

The 100% wool in this mattress pad is covered in 100% organic cotton European fabric (certified organic by GOTS) on both sides and tufted throughout for a great, long lasting, very breathable pad. Use this pad to soften your mattress and help keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night. Natural Elastic Straps. Made in the U.S.A.

We also offer this same pad in 1.5" thick: Natural Wool Filled Mattress Pad 1.5" Thick

Wool filled mattress pads provide the perfect temperature-controlled sleeping environment.

Wool produces warmth in winter without overheating, and—believe it or not—keeps you cooler on summer nights because of its natural moisture-wicking properties. Evaporation of moisture is our body's natural way of keeping cool. Wool helps this process along by drawing moisture from the body during sleep, absorbing it into cells, and reducing skin temperature. When you're cooler, you toss and turn less often, and sleep more soundly in a deeper REM state. Where does all that moisture go? The average sleeper gives off nearly a pint of water vapor in an eight-hour sleep period. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight without feeling damp or clammy. The cells of wool fibers are porous, so they quickly and efficiently absorb and evaporate moisture—unlike down, which actually holds moisture and can create mildew.

Wool Is Hypoallergenic

Wool is resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew, which can trigger allergic reactions in some people. People with chemical sensitivities can also sleep without suffering if the wool is untreated. Dust-mite allergens are the leading trigger for asthma attacks, but dust mites need moisture to survive, so they don't like wool.

How to Use:

Place this pad on your mattress using the straps and then place your fitted sheet over top of it. You may also want to use our moisture resistant pad over top of this one to help protect this pad. Then place the fitted sheet on top of both pads. If you don't want straps on the pad say so in the "Special Order Instructions" box and we'll leave them off, no change in price.

Care Instructions:

The best way to care for your wool filled pad is to expose it to direct sunlight and air once a month. This process will evaporate all the moisture that may be contained within the fibers and will also freshen the bedding. Another alternative to sunning and airing is to put the pad in the dryer on cold air fluff or 10-20 minutes (check every 5 minutes) with a tennis ball to re-fluff the fibers. Stains may be spot cleaned using a solution of 1:3 parts white distilled vinegar and water. Spray the water/vinegar solution on the stain and expose to direct sunlight. Let dry, continue this method until stain fades and odors dissipate. Or, use a non-toxic spot cleaner. Use as directed. Be sure product dries completely. If sunning and airing is not feasible, bedding products may be professionally cleaned by an upholstery method using a wet-cleaning technique. Do NOT dry clean.


Guaranteed to be free from manufacturer's defects for 3 yrs.
Please note: Opened bedding is not returnable unless covered under the warranty.


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    100% Natural Wool Filled
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