Organic Baby - Natural, Organic Products for Baby's Room

The developing system of a newborn baby is fragile and that is why we feel special care and attention should be taken to nurture this developing little person. Many crib and infant mattresses outgas formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. They also contain fire retardants that build up in our bodies over time and have been associated with neurological damage and cancer. Purity is our main goal which is why you will find only the purest materials in our organic crib and infant mattresses and organic baby bedding. We use only pure, natural wool (a natural fire-retardant), certified organic cotton and natural latex for our eco baby nursery products. Our organic crib bundles make the best baby shower gifts!

Please measure correctly so that you can order the correct size mattress and bedding.

How to Measure Your Crib for an Organic Mattress:

If you have the mattress that came with your crib/portable crib/co-sleeper/cradle, etc., simply measure that. If you don't have the old mattress, you will need to measure the INSIDE length and width of your crib/portable crib/co-sleeper/cradle, etc. in order to find a mattress that will fit somewhat snug, but not tight.

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