100% Organic Cotton Quilted Absorbent Mattress Pad for Baby's Room

Organic Cotton Quilted Absorbent Crib Mattress Pad for Baby's Room

Our 100% organic cotton baby mattress pad is very absorbent with 14oz 100% organic cotton batting certified organic by Oregon Tilth. It is then covered in our 100% organic cotton material, certified organic by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This pad is needle punched which holds the fibers together through washing and drying in the machine. Made from USA organic cotton grown in Texas.

We recommend using this pad on top of our 100% Natural Wool Moisture Resistant Pad to keep liquids from reaching the surface of your infant mattress. This is a great combination to keep your infant mattress clean and dry!

How to Use:

Place this pad on your infant mattress and then place your fitted sheet over top of it. If you are using this pad along with our Natural Wool Moisture Resistant Pad, place the moisture resistant pad on the mattress first, then place this pad on top and finish with your fitted sheet.

Care Instructions:

Machine wash delicate. Machine dry regular.

Please note: Opened bedding is not returnable unless it is defective.


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    100% Organic Cotton Quilted Absorbent
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