Organic Crib Bumper Pads and Organic Bumper Pad Covers for Baby's Room

organic bumper pad

Our 100% organic wool bumper pad features a sturdy 100% organic cotton damask outer and 100% untreated, natural wool called Eco Wool for the inner. The process this natural wool is put through has been certified 100% organic by Oregon Tilth. Wool is naturally fire resistant, so no fire retardant chemicals are used or needed with these pads.

Our 100% organic bumper pad is 8 inches high and 158 inches long. It features ties to secure it to the crib. No need to use a bumper pad cover with this pad, however, if you'd like to, you can.

We also carry a 100% organic wool bumper insert that does need to be used with a bumper pad cover. This insert does not come with ties.

Our 100% organic sateen bumper pad covers are made to fit our bumper pads. They feature ties to secure the pad to the crib.

Are Bumper Pads Safe?

Bumper pads are used inside the crib, around the slats to keep baby's head from bumping into the slats. However, recent studies have shown that while babies hitting their heads on the slats might be uncomfortable for them, they can't do it with enough force to cause any real harm to themselves. Bumper pads however, have been found to be unsafe due to suffocation and strangulation. If you're going to use a bumper pad, please make sure it is secured tightly to the crib, with the ties on the outside of the slats. We also do not recommend using a bumper pad until your child is able to lift his/her head and roll away from potention suffocation.

Cover Colors:

Care Instructions for bumper pads:

Spot clean using 1 part natural cleaner or vinegar to 2 parts water.

Care Instructions for bumper pad covers:

Machine wash and dry. Add 1/4 cup of vinegar to the load to increase softness. Tumble dry at low heat and remove promptly for best results. Fabric is not pre-shrunk and will shrink to the proper size once washed and dried.

Please note: Opened bedding is not returnable unless it is defective.


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  • organic crib bumper pad
  • Description

    100% Organic Crib Bumper Pad w/ties
    Filled with untreated, natural wool.
    Does not need a bumper pad cover.
    Size: 8x158"


  • organic bumper pad insert
  • Description

    100% Organic Bumper Pad Insert
    Filled with untreated, natural wool.
    Use with bumper pad cover.
    Size: 8x158"


  • organic bumper pad cover with ties
  • Description

    100% Organic Sateen Bumper Pad Cover
    Made with 100% organic cotton.
    Use with 8x158" bumper pad.

  • Color: