100% Organic Crib Mattresses and Bedding for Your Eco Baby Nursery

The developing system of a newborn baby is fragile and that is why we feel special care and attention should be taken to nurture this developing little person. Many crib mattresses outgas formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. They also contain fire retardants that build up in our bodies over time and have been associated with neurological damage and cancer. Purity is our main goal which is why you will find only the purest materials in our organic crib mattresses and organic baby bedding. We use only pure, natural wool (a natural fire-retardant), certified organic cotton and natural latex for our eco baby nursery products. Our 100% organic baby bundles make the best baby shower gifts!

How and Why to use 100% Organic Crib Bedding

Crib Mattress: Start with a healthy, 100% organic mattress. Those cheap foam mattresses are made with several synthetic and unhealthy chemicals that outgas. This means your child will end up breathing in all those fumes while he/she sleeps. A natural, 100% organic mattress is made with only pure, 100% natural ingredients that are safe and healthy for your child.

Crib Dust Mite Mattress Cover: Many then choose to use a dust mite mattress cover to protect the mattress from dust mites. This is especially helpful if your child suffers from dust allergies.

Crib Mattress Pads: Crib mattress pads protect your 100% organic crib mattress and help to keep your baby dry and comfortable. Our 100% organic eco wool mattress pads block moisture from reaching the mattress surface, which keeps the mattress in great shape for as long as you need it. Our 100% organic absorbent cotton pads absorb liquid and protect your baby's skin (and happiness) by keeping him/her from laying in a puddle. You would use the moisture resistant pad next to the mattress and then use the absorbent cotton pad on top.

Crib Sheets: The fitted sheet helps to hold the mattress pads in place. We do not use any chemical finishes on our sheets like many "organic" sheets you may find at your local store.

Crib Bumper Pads: Bumper pads are used inside the crib, around the slats to keep baby's head from bumping into the slats. However, recent studies have shown that while babies hitting their heads on the slats might be uncomfortable for them, they can't do it with enough force to cause any real harm to themselves. Bumper pads however, have been found to be unsafe due to suffocation and strangulation. If you're going to use a bumper pad, please make sure it is secured tightly to the crib, with the ties on the outside of the slats. We also do not recommend using a bumper pad until your child is able to lift his/her head and roll away from potential suffocation.

Crib Blankets: Blankets used in the crib should be fairly light and thin. 100% Organic blankets reduce the risk of unhealthy chemicals coming into contact with your baby's skin and building up in their bodies. Using a light, thin blanket reduces the risk of suffocation.

Crib Comforters and Duvet Covers: A duvet cover is a cover you insert your comforter into. This cover helps to keep the comforter clean. Duvet covers are much easier to wash than comforters. Please be very careful using a comforter in your baby's crib before he/she is able to lift his/her head.

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