Organic Custom Sized Baby Mattresses and Bedding

To order any of our baby 100 % organic mattresses and/or bedding in a custom size, you would need to order the next size up and then in the comment section (during checkout), state the actual size (length and width) you need for each item you ordered. If you are ordering a mattress or bedding in a round or oval shape, you will need to send a template.

Please keep in mind that custom orders can take up to 2 weeks to make. It depends on how large your order is and in what order it was received.

How to Measure Your Crib for an 100% Organic Mattress:

If you have the mattress that came with your crib/portable crib/co-sleeper/cradle, etc., simply measure that. If you don't have the old mattress, you will need to measure the INSIDE length and width of your crib/portable crib/co-sleeper/cradle, etc. in order to find a mattress that will fit somewhat snug, but not tight. Remember to order the next size up and include the dimensions in the comment section when checking out.