100% Organic Crib Sheets for Baby's Room

The developing system of a newborn baby is fragile and that is why we feel special care and attention should be taken to nurture this developing little person. Purity is our main goal which is why you will find only the purest materials in our organic baby bedding.

What does thread count (tc) mean?

Thread count means the number of vertical and horizontal threads woven together in a square inch. 100 vertical threads woven with 100 horizontal threads produce a thread count of 200. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. However, to get a very high number, manufacturers use thinner strands of fabric twisted together as if they were one. Then they double, triple or even quadruple the thread count to make the number more attractive to the consumer so they can stick a high price tag on it. According to Consumer Reports.Org, the best sheets are 200-400 thread count. Anything more is just a waste of money.

What is sateen?

Sateen refers to the type of weave the sheet has. Sateen weave is woven like satin; it has a somewhat glossy surface with a dull back. Cotton sateen has a soft feel to it.

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